Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Service over safety: TTC employees

I challenge anyone who takes the TTC to read this article. I know we all complain about
late trains and buses. We cry for express buses and all but this is not the way to fix the problem.
I for one would rather know I am riding on a safe bus than get there 1/2 hour earlier.


The problem here is that public outcry has not led to efficiency in the areas it should.
There are things you can do for us that do not cost more money or put us in danger.

1) Make buying transit passes easier. That means filling the transit pass machines before and during the commute not at 9:00 am at the busiest hub (Union Station)

2) I know some commuters are going to laugh at this but when a train is late Go will appologize on behalf of Go Transit for the delay and make you aware why. When the doors are closing on a train you do not hear Go Transit yelling and screaming about the doors they simply say stand clear and give people a chance to get in. If someone does run the doors the Go Embassador says, "For your safety and the safety of others please stand clear of the doors" Its polite and friendly.

3) Maybe sweep out the stations once in a while. You will save in escalator repairs and maintance and people will start respecting their stations too.

Yes buses are over crowded and we need more so why not order more. It makes you wonder where all the TTC budget goes. I challenge any MP to look into the TTC budget and do an audit and if the books are clean give them more money but I am guessing there are a lot of black holes our money is falling in.

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