Friday, February 15, 2008

Go Transit Petition For Fare Rebates

Susan Fisher pointed this out to me as she read it in the 24 newspaper and heard it on 680 news.
Finally someone has stepped up and said how we all feel.How many other businesses do you know allow their customers to be late with producton a regular basis or worse cancel deliveries.
I challenge anyone wo takes Go Transit or any transit on a regular basis to sign this petition.Let's show Go Transit how we feel.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Go Transit Says "Family Day Like A Saturday"

If you are unlucky enough to not get family day as a holiday, case in point unioned employees, you will not only fail to get the day off but your commute will be greater as all the express trains will not run. You will get Go Trains every hour.

Thanks Go Transit for the foresight in scheduling.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Fare Hike and Tracking train delays

First of all, we are seeing another fare hike but not an improvement in service. The switches are still freezing and they have been given money to fix them.

Secondly is a bigger issue, Go Transit is more interested it appears in the number of delayed trains rather than customer service. At Burlington yesterday they had no idea when the next train was coming and when it did arrive they forced it through express so the express to pickering train was not delayed. The issue is that at Oakville they notified passengers that it would stop and as the passengers loaded up on the cold platform for the train it rushed by and then the announcement came on saying he is not stopping wait for the next one. I understand that the stats are important and in a way you were caring about the Pickering passengers but come on. You have a pa system. You knew when the train left burlington that it was not stopping at Oakville. Why not make the announcement at Oakville to say that so they can wait in the warm station instead of the cold platform.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Derailment - February 4, 2008

I read Ed's article in the Metro this morning on the derailment and how TTC reacted to it. I think however Ed is missing the real issue.

  1. A part fell off the bottom of the train dragging on the track. Is this due to failed maintenace? What if the train had derailed with people on it. Are there not checks done before each run to ensure the trains are in safe working order or at least at the start of shifts. Possibly trains should be taken off service throughout the day to check for damage. These trains make hundreds of trips a day.
  2. How about a spare track? I always found it odd that the ttc only has one track each direction. This causes a lot of problems as one delay in the system sends it all to a halt. Having the extra track would allow trains to be removed from the line to make room and allow trains to bypass stations with problems. So there is a customer issue or a train malfunction. Why can't the train simply bypass that station and everything move as usual. Once things are running again open that station. On the Yonge line the stations are not that far apart. If you really needed that station you could get off the next stop and catch the next one back. Trains run every two minutes. Its not like missing one on go.

I hope Ed and more importantly MetroLynks and TTC will read this. The extra track is money better spent than trying to get people to ride their bike to the station by providing showers.

I look forward to hearing comments on this.

Also, check out Ed Drass facebook group and join it to show TTC that we are coping with their incompetance :