Monday, January 27, 2014

Declined for a Trip you know was more than 15 minutes late here is why

Just got off the phone with a Supervisor at Go Transit about the January 21, 2014 morning cancellations and eventualy 25 minute trip delay.

Seems there is a problem with the Presto Software in that it expects you to take the next ride in 15 minutes.  If there is a cancellation of a trip and you catch the next train this is outside the 15 minute range so when you make a trip claim it states the trip is not on your card.

Go Transit is sending this issue on to the presto team to resolve however in the meantime, there are two ways to avoid the issue.

1) If your trip gets cancelled you need to cancel your Presto transaction and retap for the next ride.  This will ensure you are on the right train according to Presto.

2) As is usually the case with Go Transit, they announce the cancelled train only a few minutes before the next one arrives and you don't have time to walk back and tap cancel then retap.  If this is the case then it is simple, enter your trip as per normal online, however immediately call Go Transit and as to speak to the supervisor.  He will ensure the problem is resolved.  It is best to do it the day you enter the claim as it will be fresh in your mind when it happened and the times.

The more people that make claims for the 15 minutes and especially the more that follow up when claims are denied the better Go Transit Service we will all experience.  It is your duty to make them accountable.