Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another Year Of Two Fare Hikes

I find it interesting how the transit systems have found a way to give communters two fare hikes in one year. What would happen if most employees asked for two raises a year? Oh gas is costing more so we have to raise the fare. Okay, transit is costing me more, I am going to have to raise my salary.

It doesn't work that way. There are a lot of people who are starting to take transit because fuel costs have gone up. Now with a surcharge it will cost them the same for a longer commute so back to driving. Then the government wonders why we are not meeting our green quota.

I can' t wait to hear a response from the government and transit systems. I am guessing they will ignore it and hope the issue goes away.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Asked for Reciepts again by revenue canada for the tax credit

Again I have been asked by revenue canada to send in all my reciepts for transit. This is two years in a row and the program has only been active two years. I am interested in how many are in the same boat or if they are simply picking on me. It seems that Mike Wallace is teaming up with them on this and is not going to help me. They say simply to mail them off my damn self. Rather than working on fixing the system, they are more interested in passing the buck back to us as its too time consuming. I guess its too time consuming to vote for them next election. I challenge all others who are having this issue to contact their MP and if they get the same response boot them out of office.

If I don't hear anything I will assume they are picking on me because I am writing this blog. If you are in the same boat and are facing the task of faxing in every receipt then please email me at chrisw_88@hotmail.com as well email Mike Wallace at Wallace.M@parl.gc.ca so he will have ammunition for this issue.