Monday, March 24, 2008

TTC Survey - If you haven't filled it in you must. Let them know where they suck so they can improve things. LOL

I went to the TTC Suvey at and it was only about the
marketing board at the station and what ads you saw. Funny that the ad revenue
stream is more important than customer service.

I hear a lot of people complain about the TTC and that there is nowhere to complain.
Well here is the ttc survey. This is your chance to let the TTC know what you think.

I went to a free survey place and created a survey that asks real questions. Please go here
and fill it out. I will be posting the results here and sending a link to the ttc and metrolinx so
they can see what customers really think.

Click here to take our Online Survey

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Give your opinions to Metrolinx

I found this in an awkward way but here is the place you register to send comments to metrolinx about the GTTA and TTC:

You know I registered and voiced my concern for more buses, more reliable buses and possibly
a mopped floor once in a while in finch station. I think most commuters would agreee these are bigger concerns than showers at the stations and millions of dollars on cameras.

Wellesly is not well today, neither is the whole Yonge Bloor line from Union to Bloor

When arriving at Union on the 6:34am train and getting to track level with no announcement just a train running backwards out of the station I got concerned. I went back upstairs to see utter chaos. Purple jackets were handing out emergency shuttle vouchers and told people to take the Yonge Bloor bus. As more people pour in on the other trains people are told the stations are closed from Union to bloor.

Once I reached the shuttle bus two blocks away from Union Station and got on I found out that it was due to a fire at the Wellesly station. In this situation they lost a couple station on a busy line but and they had issues dealing with it. It does make you wonder what if the fire had happened at Yonge and Bloor or god forbid when they break foundation on that new condo, they penetrate the tunnel and stop trains in all 4 directions. That would mean 4 shuttle buses in opposite directions. Imagine the chaos. I wonder if that scenario plays out in their plans to make customers safer.

Originally this blog was to address Go Transit Safety issues but is seems Go Transit is starting to do a better job at that. Now let's hope the TTC can do the same. As far as safety goes, I think instead of those new safety cameras costing millions they should start now to find ways to inform passengers of what is going on and where they should go to get on with their commute. In future it would be great if the shuttle bus was right outside the station instead of two blocks away at Union. Plus with the number of communters coming in at this time there should be a team of buses there not just one special bus.

Interestingly enough I ran into a City Tv reporter out the front of Union and told him about the story of the line closed and he was more interested in doing a but about being someone neighbor.
I got my free box of Honey Bunches of Oats cereal from the Post guy. He was being more helpful than the TTC was, giving me and others directions to Yonge for the bus.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Make Love, Not War

After looking at the latest from Go Transit on the petition. I am not very impressed. Again they
are not fully listening. Let's form a committee to deal with this. Sounds like a good idea to add penalties for their suppliers if they don't measure up. All talk but no promises. The only promise we do have is that we are getting an increase in our monthly pass.

But alas, didn't Lennon say "make love not war?" Interestingly enough while the war brews with Go Transit and its riders take a break and check out How To Make Love To My Wife that launched yesterday as well on Maybe it could be a learning video for Go Transit to satisfy their customers. Check it out at: