Friday, January 15, 2016

Signal Issues

It is a New Year for Go Transit.  Last year was a good year as far as delays, however this year signals a poor year for service so far.  It is only 15 days in and we are constantly seeing door issues and signal issues.  The usual excuse is the weather but the funny thing his that if you compare the first 15 days of this year to the first 15 of last year the weather is considerably better.

Although there was the one day last year where Go Transit was in chaos but they said they realize those mistakes and are looking to improve.

My advice to Go Transit is that winter is coming, more of it, a stronger one.  Send someone in now to check and maintain the switches and doors on your trains especially on the Lakeshore line where you run the most trains.

I look forward to comments from Go Transit on this matter and if they plan to be proactive in providing better service by preparing for winter.

To those stuck on these trains due to signal issues, it gives you time to ponder your new year.  What do you want out of this year?  At Readwatchcreate, our vision is to strengthen the global community through mentoring.

If you have goals you are wanting to reach but have no idea where to start, email us at or and we can assist you.

Monday, June 08, 2015

This is why I am glad I take Go Transit more often than the TTC

It is interesting that passenger safety is paramount, however no shuttle buses were available when they usually are and crowds of passengers for the commute crowd Union Station and the busy downtown core causing a safety issue.
"Passengers' safety is paramount and shutting down the subway system in lieu of the ability to communicate with subway trains was the responsible thing to do," said TTC chair and Toronto Coun. Josh Colle in a statement.
I have been in Toronto for various transit outages and this is the first time I have not seen shuttle buses available.  Just google it to see that when Yonge Bloor got shut down both directions due to someone digging too deep at Yonge/Bloor or previous full system power outages.  Take a look at the procedure that Adam Giambrone laid out a few years ago of the process.
 More often than not, shuttle buses will be provided in areas where subway service is down. That said, there is no way to handle subway capacities on buses, so if people can walk, bike or take a taxi for urgent trips, they are encouraged to do so. If the disruption is not during rush hour, spare buses may be deployed as shuttles, and extra operators called in to drive them. However, in rush hour, there are no spare buses, as they’re all already in regular service. In this case, staff must divert buses from other routes to act as shuttles—a few buses from here and there across the system. The Commission has over 1700 buses, so you can imagine the complexity of deciding which buses to take from where—and of course it must all be done extremely quickly, so they arrive before they’re no longer needed! This is an extraordinary behind-the-scenes process, which must be undertaken while riders are growing increasingly frustrated by the minute. And of course, once things return to normal, it must all be put back in place again. 
I fear this process that Adam mapped out was not followed and that is why there was chaos.  People need to look at the disaster recovery plan and if it has changed from Adam's approach then it needs to revert back.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Train Travelling At Lightning Speed Through Mimico Train Yard?

Well maybe not lightning speed but well over the posted speed limit.  I was on the delayed Lakeshore West train that was scheduled to leave Burlington station at 7:13 am.  As we boarded the train they mentioned the train behind us and understandably to save on Service Guarantee cost they let it pass us.  Not impressed but understand business bottom lines and accept the free ride.

However, the point of my post is SAFETY.  You probably remember years back that freight train moving too fast through the yard that crashed in the Mimico yard.  Turns out he was speeding.  Even worse the VIA train near King Rd Yard in Burlington that was going too fast and crashed that killed 3 and injured more.

I ride the train a lot and generally there is caution around the yards.  Today is an extremely cold day we have had a mixture of warmer and colder days.  This is perfect condition for the tracks to tighten.  When they tighten additional speed can cause derailments.  It is this reason that I report this on my blog.  I also called Go Transit customer relations this morning to report it as well.  The first rep was rude because she thought I was complaining that the train was 34 minutes late but I clarified that I was actually reporting a safety issue and the passed me on.

I look forward to a response from Go Transit on this, how they are going to look into it and ensure their staff is aware of this deadly safety issue.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Go says No Buses, Construction says limited Gardner, Construction says Limited Lakeshore, Commuters say "Let us work from home :)

Metrolinx continues to be in contract negotiations with the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1587, the union that represents approximately 1,850 GO Transit bus drivers, station attendants, maintenance personnel, transit safety and some office staff. 

While we are hopeful that a settlement can be reached, we are advising customers that the ATU's strike date is June 2, 2014. In the event of a labour disruption, regular GO Train service would continue to get you to your destination, but there would be no GO Bus service. Additionally, there would be no weekend GO Train service to Niagara and Barrie. 

Customers who would be impacted by the disruption to GO bus service, are encouraged to consider other travel options. GO Train customers are also encouraged to consider alternate travel options to the GO station as there may be increased demand on rail services and parking facilities. These options could include taking local transit, bicycling, carpooling (visit for information on our Carpoolzone program), etc. We also encourage you to load your PRESTO cards online in advance.

We recognize that a labour disruption would create an inconvenience for you. We remain hopeful that a settlement can be reached as we continue our negotiations. We will continue to communicate updates through the GO Transit website (, Social Media channels, "On the GO Alerts", and the Contact Centre. We encourage you to check our website daily as information will be updated as it becomes available. 

Revenue Canada Computer Systems Inadequate is causing Presto users to fail on Transit Tax Credit

Please pass on this link to your federal politicians and media outlets. Make them aware of the fact that Revenue Canada's computer systems are inadequate and thus are causing undue punishment on people who take the train to save the environment.

Open Letter to Federal Politicians regarding Inadequate Computer Systems at Revenue Canada

If you have any questions please email

Monday, January 27, 2014

Declined for a Trip you know was more than 15 minutes late here is why

Just got off the phone with a Supervisor at Go Transit about the January 21, 2014 morning cancellations and eventualy 25 minute trip delay.

Seems there is a problem with the Presto Software in that it expects you to take the next ride in 15 minutes.  If there is a cancellation of a trip and you catch the next train this is outside the 15 minute range so when you make a trip claim it states the trip is not on your card.

Go Transit is sending this issue on to the presto team to resolve however in the meantime, there are two ways to avoid the issue.

1) If your trip gets cancelled you need to cancel your Presto transaction and retap for the next ride.  This will ensure you are on the right train according to Presto.

2) As is usually the case with Go Transit, they announce the cancelled train only a few minutes before the next one arrives and you don't have time to walk back and tap cancel then retap.  If this is the case then it is simple, enter your trip as per normal online, however immediately call Go Transit and as to speak to the supervisor.  He will ensure the problem is resolved.  It is best to do it the day you enter the claim as it will be fresh in your mind when it happened and the times.

The more people that make claims for the 15 minutes and especially the more that follow up when claims are denied the better Go Transit Service we will all experience.  It is your duty to make them accountable.

Monday, December 16, 2013

One Blog Post To Rule Them All: The TTC has come a long way with a single post

If you have not read Andy Byford's post today on the TTC Blog you should.  It is finally a positive step in the right direction.  Determining the cause of issues is the start to finding solutions.

We look forward to the next steps of finding solutions like:

* Adding that extra rail to bypass during issues.
* Communication with passengers, potential passengers, and just between staff to find alternate routes around things like broken water-mains.
* Building a Subway rather than an LRT across Shephard Line to reduce future delays due to inclimate weather.
* Maybe even covering or burying some of the existing subway that is outside to reduce delays due to inclimate weather.

NOTE: You don't have to bury the subway underground you just need to cover the tracks to keep the heat in so the tracks and switches dont freeze and the engines can handle it.

Anyways, off topic a bit the point is finally the TTC is heading in the right direction to becoming the Better Way.  Let's keep it up.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Non-unionize employees are safer?

I would like to know what screening methods unions use other than police checks. 

His comment about losing control of who enters the property was kind of funny.  strangers ride the subway every day.  there are no security scans.  anyone could bring whatever in.  a simple piece of paper on the tracks could cause chaos. 

The ttc even advertises the paper cup issue in the ttc cars.

I am sure if there are special procedures for scanning then it could be listed in their contract and if not done ttc could sue them and get out of the contract. 

I look forward to comments.