Monday, February 27, 2012

Safety at the King Road Yard.

Condolences to the 3 engineers that were killed in the crash.  Train derailments do happen due to weather, extreme heat or cold can be a factor, but when an accident occurs in nice weather on almost the anniversary of another derailment 4 years before, it has to be more than coincidence.  Is there a faulty switch?  Does the track need repair?  Are the trains moving through the yard too fast?  I thought there was a speed limit through freight yards.  I know at Mimico there are signs about speed limits.

(Update: The train was speeding when the incident occurred, but was the freight train speeding 4 years ago when it derailed at the same spot?

These are all questions I would like to see answers on.  I take the Go Train and TTC and would like to know that the sections of track are safe.  If they are not then we need to be resolving those safety issues before expanding service elsewhere.  You may say CN owns the tracks but Go Trains and Via trains use them and should push for them to be a safe place to travel.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Where does the parking ticket money go?

Today in the paper it stated the amount raised on Parking Fines.  Correct me if I am wrong but this money goes to the cities I assume and probably not for Transit Funding.   Are not Go Transit lots private property owned by Go Transit, a government funded private company.

If the parking fines are going to Go Transit, then it would make sense why the priority is on more go lines and not additional parking.  Almost $60,000 is a good amount of money extra to just throw away.  On the other hand, parking lots do take time to build so they could be planning them.  But wait, there are Malls close by with lots of parking.  Why not have people park there and shuttle bus over.  Wow what a concept.  Even better why not run Go Transit buses between stops where there is ample parking to other where there is not.  People can drive to that other stop or a carpool place in between and get shuttled over.

There are alternatives that make economic sense to the consumer.  If you get a $25 ticket for parking illegally that would make it cheaper to drive.  We are supposed to be promoting transit use not deterring it.   Some of the stations mentioned like Richmond Hill are station where you want people not to drive.  Imagine the amount of traffic into downtown that is currently diverted by the Richmond Hill line.  What if everyone said not sure if I will find parking and drive.  Its crazy.

Metrolynx you have done good things with Presto, making the trains run better now its time to step up to the plate and help passengers get to the trains.