Friday, March 09, 2012

Get Lucky with Go Transit

Go Transit has a new contest for St Patty's day.  All you need to do is tell them how you were lucky
on the Go Train.  Be sure to enter as you deserve 10 free rides.

Good Luck

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

New TTC Trains less Accessible

Last night I witnessed it first hand at the Dundas Station.  Someone wheeled on their motorized chair at an earlier station but when we reached Dundas Station the gap between the train and the platform was over 2 inches wide.  Normally the gap is under an inch so its possible to back the chair out on the older trains.  I thought maybe it was just the Dundas station but as I watched the train head to Union I noticed the gap was wide most of the way down.  If the TTC is going to order more of these trains then they need to think of a mechanism to close the gap when the train stop.  One possibility is accessible cars like they have on the Go Train and then drop something out of the door over the gap so they can get off.

In our case we had 4 passengers assist on getting the chair off while two others held the person.  The conductor was confused he didn't know what to do.

I look forward to hearing someone from TTC comment on what will be done on these new trains to assist in this matter.  The old trains seem to be find, you can back out the motorized chair and its fine.