Thursday, December 02, 2010

Letter to Mayor Ford on Presto and TTC

I sent the following on to Mayor Ford. I look forward to his response. If you use Presto and feel TTC should get their act together
and continue the roll out please comment here or go to the TTC website and let them know.

If you look at Union Station you will see that loads of riders are using the new Presto cards to the point of stressing the system.
This wide popularity should tell the ttc that this pilot is working and they should expand it.

Instead the head of the Union run TTC wants to invest millions on their own system that will not connect to anyone else.
I think the TTC should get no more money until they stop wasting money. They should roll out Presto, allow people to fill
their presto cards at stations and extend the number of stations.

Go Transit and other local transit like Burlington Transit has already started rolling this out. I would like the transportation
mayor to tell TTC to get out of the dinosaur age and join the modern age where transportation works together.

Car when needed bus or train when needed but all working together. This is the goal behind presto.

I look forward to your response.

Chris Williams