Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Move over 10 ride ... here comes Presto

For those still using those ancient 2 ride and 10 ride tickets you will soon have to move over to PRESTO.

Starting June 1, we will no longer sell 2-ride and 10-ride tickets, but we will continue to accept them as valid fare on GO trains and GO buses until July 31. Transfer your balance to a flexible re-loadable PRESTO fare card at GO stations. Learn more at gotransit.com/presto. 
This is a welcome move.  I have been using presto for a couple years now and the service is great.  The machines work well on the GO lines, there are lots of them at Union Station.  Even customer service is very responsive.

With all the chaos at Union with the construction, I would also like to note that adding the extra Presto devices in the middle area has made a huge difference.

I only have two complaints so far with Presto:

1) We need more stations to support the devices.
Did you know that PRESTO lets you travel the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area with one fare card?  
PRESTO is transferable to most local transit companies in the GTHA, including select TTC stations. When you use your card to transfer from GO to a participating local transit you'll also get a discount on your fare. 

2) We need some of the self service booths like we have at Union Station at some of the other stations like Yonge/Bloor.  Cards are supported here but if you forgot to fill up you are stuck paying a cash fare.

If you have an comments about Presto I look forward to hearing it.