Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yellow Line Safety Issues

Now that it seems to be legal for someone to push someone else past the yellow lines and there are no longer ttc safety officers to assist, I would like to know what the TTC will be doing to protect the commuters that use the system every day.


There has been talk of security barriers being to costly but what about two young lives. If you feel the same let the new mayor of Toronto know your concerns. He is all about Transit changes. This would be a huge one.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Time To Vote For Better Transit

Its election day today and all the candidates have a plan for the future of public transit in Toronto. Its an important day for us commuters as the decisions made will affect how long it will take all of us to get home.

For all you in the GTA that can vote, take a look at each candidates plans. They vary greatly both in cost and quality of service. Don't let everyone else choose a better quality of life for you, go out and vote for Better Transit.

One key question to ask each candidate is how they are working with Metrolinx to build their transit plans. What we need is a system that works together not separate systems like before.

Transit has started to get better under the Metrolinx realm. Yes the TTC sucks but expansion is not necessarily the answer. The answer is making it easier for passengers to get where they are going. Don't spend millions on Credit card systems when Presto will work fine. It works well on the Go Train. TTC has only two Presto terminals at Union and only a few stations with it active. Save the millions you would have wasted on the new Credit Card systems and focus on safety and reliability of trains.

That is my opinion. Regardless of your opinion, everyone has complained hard about TTC, tonight is your chance to vote for a better system don't waste it.