Friday, January 15, 2016

Signal Issues

It is a New Year for Go Transit.  Last year was a good year as far as delays, however this year signals a poor year for service so far.  It is only 15 days in and we are constantly seeing door issues and signal issues.  The usual excuse is the weather but the funny thing his that if you compare the first 15 days of this year to the first 15 of last year the weather is considerably better.

Although there was the one day last year where Go Transit was in chaos but they said they realize those mistakes and are looking to improve.

My advice to Go Transit is that winter is coming, more of it, a stronger one.  Send someone in now to check and maintain the switches and doors on your trains especially on the Lakeshore line where you run the most trains.

I look forward to comments from Go Transit on this matter and if they plan to be proactive in providing better service by preparing for winter.

To those stuck on these trains due to signal issues, it gives you time to ponder your new year.  What do you want out of this year?  At Readwatchcreate, our vision is to strengthen the global community through mentoring.

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