Tuesday, April 03, 2007

GO Transit Cancellations Report

I have decided to keep a note of all the Go-Transit Cancellations I get via GO Alerts, I will also be keeping an eye on delays and cancellations that occur that do not make GO Alerts.

If you have any Go Transit Delays or Cancellations not listed here please let me know at: chrisw_88.go-transit@blogger.com and I will post it here. I hope that seeing them in a larger list customers will realize the degradation of service and Go-Transit will react and improve things.
  1. 04/03/2007 - The train trip scheduled to depart Burlington at 0844, arriving Union at 0927, has been CANCELLED due to an equipment problem. The next eastbound train trip is scheduled to depart Burlington at 0914.

GO Conductor did not hear the alarm

I have posted Dylan's Comment as he wrote it below but as stated here below, I spoke to the Lady operating the door and she had no idea the alarm was going off. It was not a matter of not being able to shut the door and reopen it. She did not hear the alarm. That is the issue. What if it was not simply the doors not open but someone having a heart attack. Not hearing the alarm could mean life or death for the individual. Thanks Dylan for your comment its good to see someone from Go Transit is paying attention to the blog, its just that I wish someone at Go Transit would make a change to bettter safety instead of just posting a response to my blog.

This happened last week, it was an evening train the 7:43 train to be exact. We pulled into burlington and I was in the cars west of the handicap car. There were a lot of us there and the doors opened and everyone got out that were east of the handicap car. We all moved to another car to get out and realized those were shut too. We hit the yellow bar but nobody came. We made our way to the handicap car and said to the operator finally a door is open. All the doors in the west end of the train were shut so we pushed the alarm. "Oh I didn't even hear it" she replied. "I must not have hit the button hard enough to open them"

But what if an actual emergency had occurred, nobody would have responded and it would have not been until she made her walk of the train from end to end that she would have realized the emergency.

Talk about safety. I guess that is what happens when you reduce the staff on the trains to an unsafe level.

If you have any complaints about GO Transit let me know and I will post them here. Email them to me at chrisw_88@hotmail.com

Cortez and The Way We Look

It is unfortunate that a customer service department in a provinical rail establishment is prejudice about how people look when allowing them to complian.

Case in point, yesterday I missed my train, I ran up platform 4b instead of 4a so the doors were shut. The CN Employee operating the door saw me, we made eye contact and I ran down the stair and back up the other side. Just as I reached the top of the stairs he closed the doors. He waited for another minute or two then left, refusing to open the door.

I went to customer service to complian as I usually do but it had been months since I had to complain so in that time I had grown a goti and shaved my hair short. I arrived and asked to speak to the manager like I always do and wanted the employee # of the CN employee so I could mention it in my customer service form. The supervisor (Cortez) who didn't recognize me from before looked at my goti and shaved head and said you are a trouble maker use the phone to call. I asked if he could call public relations for me and he said use a pay phone. I called customer service and reached Carl Baker (he could not see me of course) so he treated me with respect and told me the best way was to report the time of the occurrance on the customer service form. I went back to the Customer Service office where Cortez refused to give me a customer service form and said never to come back to that office. All because I wore a goti and shaved head.

Customer service only to those who look like normal people. What a way to run a PR office. I guess that is Go-Transits way of saying that blogging my complaints is the right way to do it.