Friday, November 28, 2008

Good Job TTC. Keep it up. Paramedics in the train

This move is one of the rare good moves the TTC has made lately and I would like
to congratulate them and tell them to keep it up. This is a great way to help save lives
and reduce train delays all in one sweep. You can read the article here.

Actually there are two good moves they are doing. The second is finally putting up those
protective screens for drivers. Police officers have had them for decades, Cabs have had them for quite a while now too. Its about time buses did the same especially with the 2 am routes through some rough areas.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Service over safety: TTC employees

I challenge anyone who takes the TTC to read this article. I know we all complain about
late trains and buses. We cry for express buses and all but this is not the way to fix the problem.
I for one would rather know I am riding on a safe bus than get there 1/2 hour earlier.

The problem here is that public outcry has not led to efficiency in the areas it should.
There are things you can do for us that do not cost more money or put us in danger.

1) Make buying transit passes easier. That means filling the transit pass machines before and during the commute not at 9:00 am at the busiest hub (Union Station)

2) I know some commuters are going to laugh at this but when a train is late Go will appologize on behalf of Go Transit for the delay and make you aware why. When the doors are closing on a train you do not hear Go Transit yelling and screaming about the doors they simply say stand clear and give people a chance to get in. If someone does run the doors the Go Embassador says, "For your safety and the safety of others please stand clear of the doors" Its polite and friendly.

3) Maybe sweep out the stations once in a while. You will save in escalator repairs and maintance and people will start respecting their stations too.

Yes buses are over crowded and we need more so why not order more. It makes you wonder where all the TTC budget goes. I challenge any MP to look into the TTC budget and do an audit and if the books are clean give them more money but I am guessing there are a lot of black holes our money is falling in.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Go Transit Delays and cancellations not being sent out on go alerts

This morning on the Lakeshore Line in burlington the train that normally arrives at 7:15 was 17 minutes late. The 7:25 arrived on time but they decided it would bypass some stops so when the 7:15 train arrived the station worker announced that the 7:43 train was behind us. Our conductor had to correct her so people were not left stranded.

When I got to work I noticed none of these were mentioned in Go Transit Alerts is it possible that they are not being logged in the 90% on time stats either? I remember arriving late on a train and complaining at customer service where they claimed my train was not late when on the board it showed yellow for the next train east since ours was late arriving.

I would love to hear answers on this from someone from Go Transit reading this. Please comment and I will approve them. I think other riders would love to hear what Go Transit has to say.

Friday, November 07, 2008

90 on time rate and winter is coming. Let's See

I know you are all going to bring up the flaw in their 90% rating in that
they average it so when the 5:19 train leaves that minute early its factored in but come on.
They have been using the same flawed method for years and its only this year they got their
fudged number so high.

But alas winter approaches and this will be the tell tale sign of the new system. The new trains
are awesome but this will be their first real winter experience. I am crossing my fingers that
it all works. I have to admit over all Go Transit has been getting better. In some ways I think it
has some to do with the work Ed Drass and I along with all of you, giving Customer Service a good kick in the pants.

I know for a fact that Go Transit reads this blog and I hope those working there share it with their conductors and customer service embassadors as they are doing an amazing job. I want to point out one in particular. The blonde haired female embassador on the 5:34 train leaving Union. I saw how polite, helpful and friendly she is to everyone on the train. During the construction, she makes sure everyone knows about the cars not opening at some stations in a polite and friendly manner.

One more note: Do cancellations count in the on-time calculation. My go alerts today showed 2 train cancellations and a train modification. If they don't then in theory Go Transit could fudge the numbers by simply cancelling a train if its not in a busy time period instead of taking the late penalty. If someone from Go Transit is reading this I would like to hear a comment on whether this is a correct assumption. Also what are the stats on cancelations?

Its been a long trek but it is making a difference so keep sending me your stories and comments at