Friday, April 18, 2008

Let's Show TTC how little we need them!!!

If we do get the strike on Monday then I for one will not be buying my May MetroPass and simply start walking from Union Station to Bloor. It will save me $100 a month and I will get the exercise. I highly recommend that the rest of us do the same. When they see the ridership fall then they will do something.

Its interesting hearing some of the comments like in 24 hours newspaper this morning.

"Our subway operators obviously have to be highly skilled to perform their jobs and they're always at risk of trauma from the tragedy of suicide.. but the TTC subway operator now makes less than a Mississauga bus operator."

I thought this was interesting because the focus here is on the more money the operator should get because of the trauma. But wait, what about more money to make the tracks safer. France has the enclosed platforms where the doors open when the train doors do.

The other thing is there is no reference here to Go Transit. Why are people not jumping in front of Go Trains? I guess the TTC makes it too easy for them. Instead of spending millions on cameras, why not spend it on making the stations safer for everyone.

The recent article I saw from Ed Drass was interesting too. He focused on the cleanliness of the ttc interesting how they do a major or minor clean once every 21 days. Imagine if you cleaned your house once every 21 days.

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