Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cortez and The Way We Look

It is unfortunate that a customer service department in a provinical rail establishment is prejudice about how people look when allowing them to complian.

Case in point, yesterday I missed my train, I ran up platform 4b instead of 4a so the doors were shut. The CN Employee operating the door saw me, we made eye contact and I ran down the stair and back up the other side. Just as I reached the top of the stairs he closed the doors. He waited for another minute or two then left, refusing to open the door.

I went to customer service to complian as I usually do but it had been months since I had to complain so in that time I had grown a goti and shaved my hair short. I arrived and asked to speak to the manager like I always do and wanted the employee # of the CN employee so I could mention it in my customer service form. The supervisor (Cortez) who didn't recognize me from before looked at my goti and shaved head and said you are a trouble maker use the phone to call. I asked if he could call public relations for me and he said use a pay phone. I called customer service and reached Carl Baker (he could not see me of course) so he treated me with respect and told me the best way was to report the time of the occurrance on the customer service form. I went back to the Customer Service office where Cortez refused to give me a customer service form and said never to come back to that office. All because I wore a goti and shaved head.

Customer service only to those who look like normal people. What a way to run a PR office. I guess that is Go-Transits way of saying that blogging my complaints is the right way to do it.

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