Wednesday, March 21, 2007

77% Trains On Time, that means almost 25% are late

This stat alone is a cause for concern, but given that last year for the same quarter they were 96% on time it shows an even greater issue.

If looking at the numbers it means the trains were a minute or 2 late per trip than that is ok it happens, the issue I have is when people are running up the platform for the train and when they arrive the train is still on the platform waiting for signal for sometimes 5 minutes and they keep the doors shut. Why not let us passengers on, you are waiting for a signal anyways. Its not like its just sometimes that they do it, the doors close at exactly 5:19 or 5:34 but the train may not leave until 5:25 or 5:40. I think this is very inconsiderate, especially given that the train are late almost 25% of the time. That means 25% of the time passengers will arrive at 5:20 and the train is still there but they have to wait for the next one.

On the Lakeshore line its not too bad the next train may be only about 15 minutes away but on lines like the Milton line it could be almost an hour for the next one.

Hopefully Go Transit will take this into consideration when pondering their delay numbers.

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