Friday, January 28, 2011

Want to break the law and get away with it? Work for the TTC.

Safety First, this is how Go Transit thinks now, it was not always that way
but they worked on it.  One thing you didn't hear from Go Transit was that
a bus or train driver broke a law and that they would deal with it internally.

That is exactly what is happening on the TTC.  The latest is a texting bus
driver.  Kinear said if any laws were broken there are internal processes to
deal with the issues and that they will stand behind their employees.

I remember similar comments with the sleeping attendant at the station. Now
its a safety concern especially in light of the recent increase in pedestrian
fatalities related to bus accidents.

I find it shocking that the average driver in Ontario faces a $500 fine
for texting because its dangerous but bus drivers responsible for the safety of
hundreds of people during the course of a day gets let off with an internal
investigation that we never hear about

A citizen of Ontario regardless of whether they are Union or not should be the
same under the law.  You would think the TTC were a military base by the
seperate tribunal but a quick look and you realize the military is actually
organized, and concerned about your safety.

Safety first, and all equal under the law.  Two things we need Mayor Ford to
look at.

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