Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Presto - You Gain Some You Lose Some

Everyone is so excited about Presto. You are going to save money. Its going to be more
convenient going cross systems, however for Go Transit riders that have monthly passes you are not saving anything. In fact you are losing.

How are you losing you ask? Well Presto costs the same amount each month as your Go Transit Monthly pass but one perk that Monthly pass holders got was the free ride for another on the weekends. Its not every month that I use it but it is nice to enjoy a day in Toronto with my wife or my son. It would cost me $14 more for those trips.

Secondly, the reason a lot of people went monthly is because then they don't have to remember to scan every trip. They just have to remember end of month to buy another. This is another loss of convenience.

I am okay with losing those two perks if there were new perks with Presto like savings. I am very disappointed in the lack of extra discount to get people on presto even just for the first month or two months. Instead all you save is the $6.95 setup fee.

What a rip off. But I guess we are all going to bite the bullet and get one on June 1 to save the $6.95 All I know is the first time presto does not scan for me I am headed to customer service for some free rides. I suggest everyone else do the same.


TomW said...

The setup fee is $6, not $6.95 - no tax is charged. (And you've also pointed how to avoid the $6, so really, what's the fuss?)
Also, for people like me who have difficulty remembering to but a new pass each month, Presto will be a bonus. I have one card for ever. I walk right by the scanner every morning anyway - I just have to stick out my hand as I walk by.

The loss of the weekend free rides sucks though.

susan said...

Do you remember why you bought a monthly pass over the 10 ride? For me and a lot of people it was because the 10 ride machines were constantly broken. You would be running for you r train and trying desperately to punch the ticket. As long as the scan is quick and painless like the ttc swipe cards for the subway I am all for it but if not. I will be complaining a lot.

TomW said...

I bought a monthly pass rather than 10-ride because it's cheaper...
I'ts not so much "swiping" (like TTC swipe cards), more like "waving near reader", which is even easier.

Oakvilleguy said...

Unfortunately for me, the online statement, and year end PDF statements sometimes show duplicated entries. When I call Presto, they say it is just a reporting mistake as opposed to me being billed twice for the same ride. It happened again yesterday when I checked my online transaction record today. I honestly don't know how I can tell if this is the case or not as I do not keep track of the balance each time I swipe on.

My other complaint is with the monthly pass, I simply take the amount and enter it into my income tax return without having to figure out whether I have taken 36 rides in a certain period of time to qualify for the public transit deduction. Their statement is broken out weekly, starting from a Friday to Thursday. Who starts the week on a Friday anyway? The people at Presto are completely useless when I spoke to them about getting a monthly statement. Am I impressed, not really!