Friday, April 03, 2009

Metrolynx and Go Transit Merging

That is actually quite funny since Go Transit runs little more than customer service.
All the major stuff is done by CN/CP or Bombardier. But I guess merging them will get rid
of some of those politicians trying to get in the way. Possibly Metrolynx can merge with CN and
produce efficiency there. The issue here is switch optimization, politics over whether CN or Go Transit owns the new tracks. Well if Metrolynx owned them both, no problem no fight.

I look forward to the merger and hope Metrolynx realizes the next move is taking over CN and possibly VIA.

I look forward to your opinion in this matter.

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George TheCar said...

Has anyone heard about issues with the new GO diesel engines?

They were bought with the express purpose of pulling 12 car trains. There are only a couple of working 12 car trains and some of the new engines are doubled with older ones pulling 10 cars.

Additionally I just saw one of the new engines as part of a freight train heading west. Back for warranty work??

Any one know of someone with knowledge?