Friday, March 13, 2009

GO Transit Fare hike. What if GO Transit ran the streets

Firstly let me comment on the GO Transit fare hike. Us riders have been putting up with poor service for so long and now the fake delay numbers are being used to tell us they deserve more because they are 90% on time. Here is the link to the fare increase article.

Secondly, let's think to if GO Transit ran the roads. Here are some changes in service we possibly would see:

1) Traffic lights would intermittantly work in cold weather or hot weather (Signal issues)
2) Your car would overheat or freeze up in winter on a random basis.
3) Go Transit would convert all streets to toll roads and charge you more money to drive on them every year.
4) Traffic lights would realize that you are already late for work and would adjust the signal to make you later. You are already late so you are in their negative stats. The light for the other direction would stay green until after rush hour.
5) You would in some occasions be allowed to run the red light if it appears they are red in all directions but you must do it a the normal speed limit. Any slower and you would get a speeding ticket.
6) Your radio would be hijacked by Go Transit as they appologize for the safety hazzard they caused by the traffic lights not working.
7) Drivers would be allowed to stop at a red light then the passenger get out and protect the crossing while the driver drives through.
8) Shopping cars and other debris would be placed in front of cars to cause further delays so there is an excuse for poor service.

It would be interesting to see the stats on how often traffic signals fail and how often train signals do. Are they not the same technology? Are there not many times more traffic signals than train track signals.

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