Monday, December 22, 2008

When does 1/2 hour = 1 hours? Under new Go Transit Math

Go Transit Math can be interesting. I left work at 2:30 pm. Missed the 2:43 train even though it was delayed to 2:47pm. The next train was supposed to be 3:43 pm but was cancelled and a new train began at 4:10pm making all stops. Now this all stop train reached long branch and the doors would not close so they got maintenance staff to try and close them. Port Credit, Clarkson gave us the same problems. We rolled into Burlington station at 6:30pm so 4:10 to 6:30 = roughly 2 hours. The train usually takes 1 hour in good weather so that would be a 1 hour delay but according to Go Transit reps on the news trains were only delayed by 1/2 hour. I did notice that while we were stuck a few trains passed us. I am wondering if the train that passed us arrived at Burlington and was flagged in the logs as our train giving it the 1/2 hour delay. Then when ours arrived it became their train giving it a half hour delay or did they simply average the two.

Guessing they averaged the two, a 10 minute delay could then mean that three trains were on time and one was 1/2 hour late. It is my opinion that current metrics for go transit performance is not working.

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