Friday, February 08, 2008

Fare Hike and Tracking train delays

First of all, we are seeing another fare hike but not an improvement in service. The switches are still freezing and they have been given money to fix them.

Secondly is a bigger issue, Go Transit is more interested it appears in the number of delayed trains rather than customer service. At Burlington yesterday they had no idea when the next train was coming and when it did arrive they forced it through express so the express to pickering train was not delayed. The issue is that at Oakville they notified passengers that it would stop and as the passengers loaded up on the cold platform for the train it rushed by and then the announcement came on saying he is not stopping wait for the next one. I understand that the stats are important and in a way you were caring about the Pickering passengers but come on. You have a pa system. You knew when the train left burlington that it was not stopping at Oakville. Why not make the announcement at Oakville to say that so they can wait in the warm station instead of the cold platform.

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Andy said...

Knowing the exact location of trains should improve when the new locomotives get on line. They are equipped with a GPS tracking system. Let's see if they are able to put that information to good work.