Thursday, January 10, 2008

No Lights in Burlington Go North Parking Lot

Although its tempting to complain about the engine failure this morning on the Lakeshore West line. The bigger issue and a safety one is that last night the lights in the Burlington Go North Parking Lot were off.

This poses a potential danger for women walking from the train to their cars. Go and TTC keep going on about passenger safety and that they will drop you off at a lit area between stops for safety. But if they take the go and get off and have to walk through darkness to their cars in the Burlington North Lot then they are at risk of being attacked and not knowing at all what the attacker looks like. This was not just an oh the lights burnt out. There are 4 bulbs per light post and many light fixtures in the lot. The only ones running were the distant ones so we all had to walk through the construction scaffold path with minimal light. This morning the light fixture in the construction area was on so either they fixed the broken bulbs on that one or someone noticed the error and turned that one back on. However the other ones in the parking lot were still off. Only the two far ones were on much like the evening. I will keep an eye out tonight to see if they are still off. I know Go Transit reads my blog so I am hoping for an answer to be posted or an eta on when they will be turned back on. If you don't see a posting here assume they are still broken. I will be sending an email off to Go Transit as well mentioning the blog post.

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chrisw_88 said...

I checked the lot last night and it appears that Go Transit has fixed the issue the lights are back on for now. I will keep you posted of any occurance I find of it off again.