Thursday, October 11, 2007

New Long Weekend and Transit Funding?

Now that Dalton McGuinty is in power for another term, hopefully his promises will
be kept. The big ones for me are the February Long Weekend promised and the promise
of vastly improving public transit.

We have seen some improvement but not a lot. We are still fighting issues with crowded parking lots. If I catch a train in Burlington after 8:00 it means I have to drive a lot further using more gas to take transit. I have heard worse stories from fellow commuters further east down the tracks. If they don't find parking they have to drive to work.

Its interesting that a study got released yesterday that said we should raise gas tax to prevent people from driving. How about give them a place to park in the Go or TTC parking lots. Then more would drive. Its like taxing cigarettes to get people to stop smoking then taxing the medicines they use to quit. He wait a minute don't we already to that.


Andy said...

One of the problems with Go Transit and their Parking lots is that they take business away form local transit. Some of the parking lots are humongous.
Parking lot plan drives councillor mad

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with Andy but Local Transit needs to start responding to people's needs too.

The first issue is that some local transit, Burlington Transit for one does not offer student fares so my son has to pay $100 a month to get to school or I have to drive him. If I am already driving him then I might as well go the little bit further and park at the train.

Second issue: The local transit does not line up properly with express go trains, they duplicate service with the go buses in some cases, so people are left either waiting for the bus or waiting for the train for long periods of time.

Third issue: I am already paying for two transit passes costing me over $300 a month to get to work. Another $100 pass would make that $400. Already the $300 I pay for my transit is too high for the goverment, so they sent me a paper demanding I fax in my transit receipts because that is too much to pay for transit. Once we get a decent discount plan that will help too.